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Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy™

Get support regulating the energy you or your child pick up from your environment. Ideal for sensitive children or adults with frequent stomach pains or anxiety.  READ MORE

Innerlight Intuition Development

Our intuition development and parent coaching programs help children and adults claim, develop and manage their innate gifts.

Innerlight Method Training™

This in-depth certification program will teach you the groundbreaking Innerlight Method of energy balancing to benefit intuitive children and adults.

Speaker Appearances by Niki Elliott, Ph.D.

Dr. Niki is an authentic and passionate speaker, trainer, author and professional educator who empowers audiences to embrace their innate intuitive potential. READ MORE

Healing Resources for Intuitive Children and Adults

Do you have a highly sensitive child struggling with learning or behavioral challenges?
Are you energetically sensitive and having difficulty feeling calm and “in sync” with the world?
Are you in a helping profession and experiencing burnout from feeling other people’s emotions?

At Innerlight Sanctuary we offer a supportive environment for children and adults to explore the world of intuition and energy. Our certified practitioners bring the life-changing benefits of energetic balancing into homes, schools, and mental health treatment and health care facilities. Our state-of-the-art programs help children and adults restore balance and energetic health for increased success and wellness in daily living.

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