Energy Solutions for Children & Families

Do you have a highly sensitive child struggling with learning or behavioral challenges? We see highly sensitive children through a different lens—beyond labels or pathology—as energetic beings with innate abilities and gifts that deserve to be recognized, cherished and nurtured. We have helped thousands of children achieve success in emotional, social and academic areas, with Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy (IEBT), our Quantum ME (Mental Energy) Individual Learning and Energetic Profile, and ongoing energy management support.

Energy Support for Adults

Are you interested in increasing your energy awareness, improving your health or activating more of your full potential through energetic therapy? Are you intuitive or energetically sensitive and having difficulty feeling calm and “in sync” with the world? Are you in a helping profession and experiencing burnout from feeling other people’s emotions? Our team of certified practitioners can help with Innerlight Energy Balancing Therapy sessions that are holistic, safe, relaxing and non-invasive.



The powerful wisdom within

for yourself and your child

The Innerlight Method™ is a groundbreaking energy therapy system for intuitive and highly sensitive adults and children. It balances subtle energy systems to facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself. Benefits can include improved emotional balance, greater mental clarity, clearing of energetic blocks related to stress or trauma, and greater ability to develop your natural gifts and achieve your soul’s purpose.



IEBT Sessions

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Our certified Innerlight Method practitioners provide skilled and caring energy therapy.

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