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Join our tribe of highly sensitive children and adults. Receive ongoing support that will transform your life!

"I began this journey because I could literally feel other people’s sickness and pain in my own body. Thinking I was sick or dying, I would visit my doctor with no relief. The only thing that helped me feel better was avoiding groups of people. I found freedom after my midwife introduced me to an energy healer who informed me of my intuitive gifts. After years of studying energy healing, I developed a form of energy therapy targeted specifically to address the unique challenges faced by intuitive and highly sensitive children and adults. It has made such a powerful difference in my life to be able to help other empathic people explore their innate gifts and realize their full potential."

Are you someone who absorbs other people's physical or emotional pain?

Dr. Niki's new book has the solutions you need to reclaim your personal boundaries.


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