Bringing Intuitive Living
Into The Mainstream

We’re excited to roll out a number of new online courses over the next six months. Courses will include various Intuitive Living classes, as well as training classes in the Innerlight MethodTM.

The first course being offered is “From Empathic Pain to Intuitive Power.” Please see more on that course below, and be sure to check back for additional courses that will be added over the coming months.

About This Course

A companion, home study e-course to the best-selling book I Feel Your Pain: A 7 Step Survival Guide for Empaths, Intuitives and Highly Sensitive People by Niki Elliott, PhD.
From Empathic Pain to Intuitive Power is a transformational, 4-week mini-course designed to:
  • Face your fears and myths about intuitive gifts
  • Identify your intuitive gifts
  • Learn to establish healthy energetic boundaries
  • Uncover the possibilities of living with your intuition as your best ally
Price:  $49