For Children and Families

Access Your Child’s Unique Gifts

The Innerlight Method is the first comprehensive energy balancing system specifically developed to help highly sensitive children who experience challenges at home, in social situations and in traditional educational settings.

We believe that every child has unique, innate abilities and gifts — innate genius — that deserves to be recognized, cherished and nurtured. Energy balancing can produce powerful transformations for your child on physical, mental and emotional levels.

We bring the benefits of energy balancing to highly sensitive children, including boys and girls with ADHD, anxiety, autism, mood disorders and related conditions. We will devote the time and energy necessary to help you, advocate for and activate your child’s full potential.

Energy Balancing Benefits
For Your Child

Most children who have experienced the Innerlight Method of energy balancing have achieved significant improvements in behavior, mood, attention and learning.

Benefits of the Innerlight Method for your child may include:

  • Restored emotional balance with increased calm, relaxation and self-regulation.
  • Greater mental clarity and success in learning.
  • Improvement with social, emotional and mood challenges.
  • Clearing of energetic blocks related to stress or trauma.
  • Greater ability to understand and manage energy and energetic boundaries.

Every child is unique, and responses to energy balancing vary, based on each child’s needs and energetic profile.

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